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Feedback From Buyers-E26 Grow Bulb

5 Stars★★★★★

A solution to my plant problem

By Catherine Short on August 28, 2018

Size: B-Grow Light Bulb with Timer

I was having trouble keeping my terrarium plants alive.I think this LED light is the solution. It is bigger than I expected. The clasp is strong so I don't have to worry about it falling off. The neck is also strong and seems to stay in place. I bought 2 and I'm likely to buy more.

5 Stars★★★★★

So excited to use this LED plant growing lamp!

By Deanna Caringella on August 19, 2018

Size: B-Grow Light Bulb with Timer

I purchased this plant growing lamp last week and I'm super excited to use it! I love the timer feature. I love plants and bring many of my favorite plants inside during the winter months to protect them from getting too cold. This lamp will help them get the light they need to grow throughout the cold, dark, winter. I especially love that it comes with a clamp. I will be able to angle the lamp to best help each plant!

5 Stars★★★★★

It's got a triple B bright and bang for your buck

ByIndica alchinon August 19, 2018

Size: B-Grow Light Bulb with TimerVerified Purchase

This is the first e27 style light I have ever used that had a remote, let alone a remote and a built-in timer that changed your spectrum! It will make an amazing Bloom booster and it is perfect for veg when it comes to my seedlings!

5 Stars★★★★★

Perfect lamp. Remote and timer are great.

By Casey5783 on September 9, 2018

Size: B-Grow Light Bulb with Timer Verified Purchase

The light is everything I expected. I use it for one plant so it’s perfect. My plant is growing very healthy and green. Remote and timer are also great. So far so good! I also like the fact that it’s simple and easy to use, and I can replace the bulb if needed.

More Feedbacks are coming soon, one of them will from your side, will you?

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