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JCBritw Releases its 24W Plus LED Grow Light Bulb on August 10

Its a great gift for planting lovers and gardeners;

Its a lucky star for indoor plants that needs supplemental light;

Its a portable indoor sunshine;

Its a carefully designed LED grow light bulb, which boasts a lot of features that will make your planting experience be easier and more joyful.

Veg/Bloom/Full Spectrum three modes to switch freely

Veg Channel: 48PCs LEDs Blue 400nm(1PCs) 420nm(12PCs) 440nm(12PCs) 460nm(11PCs) 6500K(12PCs)

Good for germination seedling stage.

Enhance chloroplast activity to prevent the plant from growing in vain.

It has obvious effect on root growth;

Full Spectrum: 48PCs Blue + 120PCs Red

Suitable for all cycles of plant growth.Good for vegetative stage

Bloom Channel: 120PCs LEDs Red 630nm(67PCs) 660nm(52PCs) 730nm(1PCs)

Good for blooming flowering stage

Good for anthocyanin formation, more buds, help flowers more colorfuland;

Efficiency and save energy

--High quality LEDs which is very bright, helps to rapidly promote the plant's growth rate.

--Also it can regulate the nutrition quality, contribute to improving the synthesis of beneficial chemicals, remove harmful chemicals and improve the value of nutrition.

With timer function

--You can schedule the light in 2-18 hours, and it will automatically on and off.

Remote controller

--with the controller in hand, everything is simple. Easily set timer and switch modes.

Easy to install

--With E26 common use connector, you can fix the bulb to any E26 power supply place. Also it come with a flexible gooseneck stand, you can clip it at any place to use, super convenient.

With it, you can enjoy year-round planting, you can grow delicate tropicals that will bloom year-round, as well as letting you harvest easy-to-grow vegetables and herbs in the coldest winter days.

Wide Application JCBritw grow light is widely used for indoor green plants, flowers, such as succulents, orchid, dendrobium, roses, peppers, tomatoes, basil, lettuce, herbs, strawberry and any other fruits and vegetables form seeding to harvest. Plants will grow healthier and have a longer bloom time with it. Suitable for indoor gardens, greenhouses, plant factory, greenhouse farming, potted plants and so on

Specifications Model: JCBritw 24W Plus Power: 24 watt Avg.power draw: 7-8 watt Net weight: 0.3lb/4.4oz Input voltage: AC85~265V, 50-60hz Lifespan: 50000 hrs Certificates: CE, FCC, ROHS Suggested On/Off Time: 8-16hrs on/day, at least 8 hrs of darkness/day Suggested hang height: around 6-24in Material: ABS Package contents: 1xJCBritw LED grow light bulb 1x flexible gooseneck stand 1x remote controller 1x manual

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