Do LED Grow Lights work for growing plants?

As we all know, growing plants needs sunlight, air, water, nourishment and so on. We can provide air, water and nourishment depends on the plants growing stage, and we can control the time and quantity provided. But we can’t control the sunlight, sometimes it is cloudy, sometimes it is raining. Especially in winter, the sunshine time will become shorter and shorter. All this will affect the plants growing.

So we need something to change this situation, and the LED Grow Light is appear. We can control the spectrum and wavelengths, we can customize the LED lamp beads (quantity and watts), and we can control the using time according to different plants or different growing stages.

Plants have a tendency to absorb more blue light than other colors like white or green; hence, the UV rays are best to induce vigorous plant growth, while the infrared rays are best catalysts for germination and blooming boost.

The wavelengths can be adjusted according to the requirements of your plants in the grow room. If you have plants to grow that are in their vegetative phase, using UV rays would increase the cell division when the plants absorb the rays. Due to the increase in cell division, the plants grow quickly and result in more yield.

In case you need to treat your plant during the flowering stage, the most effective LED lights are those which provide IR, or infrared, rays. These rays are readily absorbed by the buds and apex of the plant and this causes them to bloom quickly and heavily.

We would recommend an LED grow light that has a wide range of wavelength options available, so that you can adjust according to the effects that you need.

The amount of light, type of light emitted, types of plants being grown, Lumen per area, wavelength, and the height between plants and the light can all affect the growth of the plant being treated.

Using LED grow light for growing plants, you can make them grow faster and better. You can grow two or three season tomatoes at the same time. You invest on the LED grow light, and you will make more money than other people who don’t know about LED grow light.

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