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Why We Choose the 60° Reflect Cup?

As we all know, In JCBritw, all LED grow light were equipped with 60° reflect cup, it is more expensive than other lamps, why we choose it as our standard configuration?

Next, we'll list several contrasting data to improve this choice.

Generic without Reflect Cup

1. Light reflect at 120° which is dispersed causing light waste.

2. Lower light intensity, lower efficiency in plants photosynthes.

3. Light utilization is low, usually be applied to lighting only.

4. Produce dazzling glare, cause human eye uncomfortable.

JCBritw 60°Reflect Cup

1.60° reflect cups control the lights in specific area, save power by up to 30%.

2.Higher light intensity, higher efficiency in plants photosynthes.

3.Different spectrum lights be re-mixed producing a better spectrum before they come to plants for a better light supplemental effect.

4.Reduce light pollution of glare, providing a comfortable lighting environment.

Scientific experiment proves, when the cone-axis reflective cups is too large or too small, the LED plant grow light can’t get efficient light utilization and perfect spectral effect. And when the reflective angle is 60°-70°, the LED plant grow light can control the light accurately, makes the light focuses on the plant itself and makes it grow faster and better.

This is why we choose the 60° reflect cup as our standard configuration. Ensure the light no loss, no weakening. Save energy, save money for you. Make the plant grow faster, grow better.

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