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What Are the Main Features of JCBritw 30W LED Grow Light?

[On June 5, 2017], JCBritw company releases its latest 30W LED grow light. Now, let us introduce the main features of this new product.

1. Aluminum Frame Design, More Cooling, Longer Service Life

The metal frame of JCBritw 30W LED Grow Light is made of aluminum with surface coating, made it compact and durable. It helps to release heat much quicker than generic plastic material for a longer service life.

2. LED Light with Full Spectrum, Make Plants Grow Faster and Better

Equipped with full spectrum light, this new product JCBritw 30W LED Grow Light can provides plants such as vegetables and flower all stages with everything they desire in the natural sunlight.

3. 30W≈100W,Save Energy, Save Money

While JCBritw 30W LED Grow Light consuming only 30 watts, but is equal to traditional 100 watt HPS/MH. Perfect working distance is 15.8” to 23.6”. Working area (17.7”x27.6”) at 15.8” height; 27.6”x35.4” at 23.6” height. (Max coverage 43.3x51.2" at 31.5"). JCBritw 30W LED Grow Light scientifically engineered to keep the balance of the PAR/Lumen Output and Coverage. When you save energy, you save money at the same time.

4. 60° Reflector Cup Design, Ensure the Light No Loss, No Weakening

Scientific experiment proves, when the cone-axis reflective cups is too large or too small, the LED plant grow light can’t get efficient light utilization and perfect spectral effect. And when the reflective angle is 60°-70°, the LED plant grow light can control the light accurately, makes the light focuses on the plant itself and makes it grow faster and better.

With 60° reflector cup design, the lights will be re-mixed before be reflected directly on plants, thus they will be more evenly distributed on plants for the best effect than traditional buble lens. Light will be absorbed at the maxium possibility. Use less power, but has the maximum efficiency.

5. Two, Three or More

Market unique expandable design, JCBritw 30W LED Grow Light connectable to a second one or three one or more to enlarge coverage as you want. Separate power control. More freedom in adjusting coverage and save energy.

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