White Full Spectrum ---provides sunlike light juice, meets all the needs that plants desire from the natural sunshine from seedlings to harvest. Good for various vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruits like tomatoes, lettuce, succulents, rose etc. White color cause no irritation light to eyes when used in office, bed room or kitchen.


9-Levels Dimmable ---meet the different light intensity needs of different plants in different growing stage, a very good complemental light.


Auto On/Off | Circular-Memory Timer ---3 time settings enables you to keep the light on for 3, 9 or 12 hours, ensuring that your plants receive the proper amount of lighting at different stage. Moreover, when kept plugged in, the grow lamp remembers the latest setting and will turn on automatically at the same time next day.


Super Bright 75W with Larger Covering Area --- the growing lamp is much brighter than generic gooseneck lamp with more powerful LEDs. Bright and Larger size enables it to covering a much larger area. Higher efficiency reach up to 98% without any waste. Effectively shorten the growth cycle, provide anti-season plants, veg and flowers, also increase the yield to great degree.


Easy to Use | 100% Warranty --- the 360-degree rotatable necks allow you to perfectly place the lights around a single plant or grow more plants at the same time. With anti-slip clip, they are sturdy enough to hold their position for the best coverage around the plants.


JCBritw 12 months warranty, 30 days satisfaction or return guarantee with friendly customer support.

JCBritw Dual Head Clip-on LED Plant Light Dimmable LED Grow Light Auto ON & Off

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