Product Introduction:

1.ABS plastic material molding, built-in 2 drive power.

2.250 total lamps: Red 620-630nm-94PCs,Blue 460-470nm-48PCs, Orange 600-605nm-82PCs, White 6000-6500K-18PCs, UV390-395nm-4PCs, IR 730-740nm-4PCs.

3.60° reflector cup design, kitsurface with high temperature spray.

4.Small, refined and lightweight,easy to transport and installation.

5.Working life is more than50,000 hours, 12 months warranty, 30 days satisfaction or return guarantee withfriendly customer support.


Products Application:

Full spectrum which provides plants Veg andFlower all stages with everything they desire in the natural sunlight. You canuse it to plant: roses, peppers, tomatoes, basil, lettuce,lemon tree, palm tree, orchids, peppermint and any other fruits andvegetables


Product Advantages:

1.Reduce the cost of cultivation,extend the flowering period.

2.Promote plant early maturing,yield, improve fruit quality.

3.Ensure the taste of greenhousevegetable, to achieve anti-season cultivation.

4.Inhibit the propagation ofbacteria and pests, reduce the amount of pesticides, green pollution.

JCBritw 50W LED Grow Light White Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

SKU: ASP-250-50W
  •  Model Number: 50W Pro B
     Manufacturer Number: ASP-250-50W
     Power: 50W
     Avg. Power Draw: 35W
     Dimension: D13.0" x H1.2"
     Net Weight: 680g
     Total Lamps: 250PCs
     Red 620-630nm: 94PCs
     Blue 460-470nm: 48PCs
     Orange 600-605nm: 82PCs
     White 6000-6500K: 18PCs
     IR 730-740nm: 4PCs
     UV 390-395nm: 4PCs
     Working Area: 104.3sq in Max
     Suggested Distance: 19.7"-39.4"
     Suggested ON/OFF Time: 16 hours/8 hours
     Working Temperature: -40℃to+55℃
     Working Life: ﹥50000 hours
     Shell Material: Plastic
     Shell Color: White


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