JCBritw 45W LED Grow Light, Make Your Plants Grow Faster and Better


JCBritw 45W LEDGrow Light (Red, Blue and White Light), which provides plants vegetable and flowerall stages with everything they desire in the natural sunlight. You can use itto plant:  roses, peppers, tomatoes, basil, lettuce, lemon tree, palm tree, orchids, peppermint and any other fruits andvegetables.


Red, Blue and White Light, Play the Most Important Roles


Red Light.In the red light, plants make photosynthesis, the material can promote plantgrowth, especially the growth of plant stems and promoting carbohydratesynthesis, but also conducive to the synthesis of sugar and fruits andvegetables VC. Red light is best for flowering and seed production.


Blue Light.Blue Light can enhance the activities of the chloroplast, to prevent plantleggy, but on the other hand will inhibit photosynthesis, more suitable formeat plants, stems and leaves. Blue light is best for promotiong the stem andleaf.


White LEDs: 30pcxwith 470nm, can promote photosynthesis and leaf growth.


60 Degrees Reflector Cup Design, Ensure the Light No Loss,No Weakening


With 60° reflectorcup design, JCBritw 45W LED Grow Light (Red, Blue and White Light) will beremixed before be reflected directly on plants, thus they will be more evenlydistributed on plants for the best effect than traditional lens. Use lesspower, but has the maximum efficiency.


Perfect Service, Just for Your Satisfaction


Easy Install theLamp by connecting the wire rope and power cord to the lamp. 12 months warranty,30 days satisfaction or return guarantee with friendly customer support.

JCBritw 45W LED Grow Light with 225PCs Red and Blue Growing Lamps

  • Item: JCBritw LED  Plant Grow Light
    Model: ASPLT03
    Power: 45W Max
    Dimension: 12.0*12.0*1.38inches
    Net weight: 900g
    Power input: 110-240V.  50/60Hz
    Red: 650nm, 165pcs
    Blue: 465nm, 60pcs
    Working Area: 73.3 square in  Max
    Suggested Distance: 39.4- 59.1 inches  
    Suggested Working Time: 10-16 hours per day
    Working Temperature: -40℃to+55℃
    Working life:﹥50000 hours
    Packing size: 14.2*12.8*1.85inches
    Shell material: Plastic


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