• Full spectrum 380-740nm available.
  • One on/off button ,three dimmers control light intensity in three groups.
  • 90/120 degree removable optical lenses.
  • Thermal switches equipped, control the temperature and secure your house.


Bloom Mode:

When you want to get more flowers and high yields, you can choose the bloom mode. There will be 90W*8 COB lights on (620-630nm, 650-660nm), it can promote the photosynthesis, sprout, blossom; To promote the formation of flower pigments, the synthesis of chlorophyll.


Veg/Grow Mode:

When you want make the plants grow faster and better, you can choose the Veg/Grow Mode. Plants grown without at least a tiny amount of green of white light are very prone to nutrient deficiencies and simply don’t grow as well.


Full Spectrum Mode:

Full spectrum which provides plants Veg and Flower all stages with everything they desire in the natural sunlight. In the flowering and ripening stage, you can choose this mode, you will get much more flower.

1200W Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights New 8s with COB and LED Lamps. Dimmable

SKU: ASP-Noah-8S
    • Dimensions: 848x385x118mm
    • Net Weight: 14.8kg 
    • Lifespan: >50000 hours
    • Avg. Power Draw: 735-750W 
    • Power: AC85~265V 
    • Working Temperature: -20℃ ~ +40℃ 
    • Shell Material: Aluminum