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We Can Customize the LED Grow Light According to Your Needs

As a professional LED Grow Light manufacturer, we hope to provide better products and services to our customers. So if you have a unique need, let us to know, we can customize the LED Grow Light according to your needs.

As we know, different planting sites, such as greenhouse, vertical farm, hydroponics and horticulture, they need different LED Grow Light. And different plants (flowers, vegetables and hydroponics), they need different lights too. As a plant, from seedlings to fruits, different spectrum can make the seed, leaf and fruit to grow faster or slower.


Blue and red light, which plants absorb, have the greatest effect on plant growth. Blue light is responsible primarily for vegetative (leaf) growth. Red light, when combined with blue light, encourages flowering. IR light can promote the elongation of stem growth and seed germination. UV light can promote the seed germination, and can prevent plant grow useless.


Comprehensive analysis of the above, maybe you have unique needs now. Contact us, we can meet your different needs.

You just need to let us know.

You just need to let us know.

1. The ratio of different light;

2. The watts of the light;

3. The shell color which you want; 

4. The number of lights you need.

NOTICE: we can customize for you even for 1 quantity. 99% manufactures on market do not provide this service.


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